Tiles of numbers and letters II

We sell typical Spanish tiles of letters and numbers in three different sizes (7.5, 11 cm and 15 cm heigh). You can choose the numbers or letters that you need to form the phrase or the desired number

We also sell typical Spanish metal frames. 
If you are looking for a custom job, we also make tiles of numbers and letters handpainted  according to customers wishes. 
If can not find what you need on our web store, please contact us
at and we will be happy to help you.
We ship worldwide
You can see more designs of lettered tiles for sale on the following link
IMPORTANT: For tile models of this particular page we don´t sell metal frames. 



1 - Choose from our three sizes avalaible of ceramic  tiles (7.5, 11  or 15 cm high)*. 
2 - Select your purchase depending on the number of tiles that you need to form the phase or the  number that you want (we have from one tile to 15 tiles. If you want more of 15 tiles please write us to for make the order).  
3 - In the process of buying can enter the concrete letters or numbers that you want to purchase in the free text field  called "Order and delivery comments"
For more detailed information to help you do the checkout process, please follow our Instructions to buy tiles of letters or numbers
* 1 cm = 0.39 inches

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